Tools of attraction: creating multimedia content for games and TV shows | Film | The Guardian


The traditional processes behind TV programme–making are breaking down. Illustration: Brett Ryder

Storytelling has always been at the heart of the best media, be it a TV show, a documentary or a game, and there is no doubt that with the expanding choice of technology – from smart mobile phones and tablets to TV sets that have internet connections – we are seeing an ever–increasing convergence of storytelling on different platforms. But as this convergence develops, one of the key questions now confronting the media industry is this: who’s in control of this explosion in creativity?

The answer might seem obvious. Surely, it’s the commissioners who grant producers the chance to broadcast on their channels. Or maybe it’s the producers and directors themselves with the ideas for the programmes or films that have the whip hand? Or perhaps it’s the writers who ultimately have control?

Transmedia is creating pathways to enrich narrative as well as a great way for creatives to build an audience and grow into broadcast media.

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